Social Networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are the best places for people to show how much they care for society, how much they care for people, how much they love others by sharing and liking the photos which they shouldn’t be doing. You must have seen many a times some Facebook Pages adding a photo which shows a picture of a Person and it would be written on it that “Click on Share button and Facebook will donate 1$ for the treatment of cancer of this person…”  Sharing and liking these kind of images leads to “Like Farming“. “Like Farming” is a term which simply means gaining likes from people and reaching out more and more audience.

Alert - Are you falling for  scams on Facebook

Now you might be wondering why “Like Framing” is done or what will people do of the likes. By clicking more and more audience and reaching out more users you will help the Page owner to gain huge amount of likes on the page and after doing that Page owners sell those page to a very good amount by making Profits. Nowadays, the competition is increasing tremendously for selling Products online and reaching out bigger audience and hence due to this People buy Pages with huge Fan Page likes.

Now what should you do when you see a Photo like the one shown below on Facebook :


Ignore it

Yes you should not like or share that photo and if possible click on the unlike button of that particular page because it is spreading spams on Facebook. This is the best strategy to teach the page owners a lesson so that they will not add unwanted stuff on Facebook.

Report Abuse

Another thing which you should do is that report Facebook about it. It will not take much time to do so and if many users follow this then the Page owner would end up getting the page banned from FB team.

 Help People in Real Life not in Virtual Life :

I would request you to help people in real life and get the Blessings for your soul rather than showing that on Facebook.

We are looking forward to know what are your views about it and what do you do when you see the above kind of images on Facebook.