You can not Ignore Facebook !!!! Yes this is certainly the future of Business and Growth of Companies online. The main reason why every single company is using Facebook is due to the influence of Facebook on the People. Every single person is connected to Facebook and thus reaching out audience is a lot easier than it was ever before. Almost all the companies have a Facebook Page through which they interact with People, get feedback from users and much more. So Facebook page engagement is really important for your business.

People think that adding photos, adding updates will increase engagement of Facebook Page and they can reach more audience. This strategy doesn’t work anymore as Facebook has done major changes in their EdgeRank algorithm. So we are going to give you some really cool tips so that you can learn How to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement.

Tip 1 : Post More Content on Facebook Page

We are in a habit of adding more and more images to Facebook page but according to Edgerank you will be able to reach out more and more audience if you are going to add more content. Thus more Quality content you post, the more reach will you see of your Status. Now talking about Page Engagement, you should add content which simply defines call to action. That means you should that kind of content which makes your audience to either comment, like or share your status. By doing this you will see more engagement than before.

How to Increase Fan Page Engagement

Tip 2 : Add only Relevant Images to your Page

This is the biggest mistake what people does. You should make sure that the image you are going to add is relevant to your Page. If you will add a random images to Facebook Page then People won’t interact with your Fan Page because they are not interested in the stuff which you have added. You can test this by adding an image of totally different niche and you will see the result.

Tip 3 : Interact with Your Audience

If you are going to interact with your audience than definitely people will love to comment again whenever you will update your page the next time. You must take care that People are not adding negative comments or are displeased by your updates because many people simply unlike it if they did not like the content.

Tip 4: Share Useful Information

The major change in algorithm is related to useful information.  Useful information means that content which you read on other websites, blogs or even on other Fan Pages. This also has an impact on the audience that you are providing them with a piece of high value content which can be consumed and shared by them.

Tip 5: Be Regular

Social signals are really important these days to reach out to bigger audience through Search Engines. So as your website or Blog requires regular update to reach new audience, to get more customers etc, similarly a Fan Page requires regular posting of content. Even if you are not online or if you are busy with other projects, you can spend some time by scheduling post on Fan Page. This is a great update from Facebook to help out owners of the Pages to Increase Facebook Page Engagement.


Facebook is a must tool for Business owners and Companies to reach out people. But it will not be of any use until and unless people are engaging, The above tips will help you to reach more audience and build a community which will boost your Business through Facebook.