A number of businesses operating online seem to be benefitting the best by advertising over Facebook. Thanks to the incredible popularity of this social networking site all across the world. Facebook has become a giant in social media with more than 1 billion people present over the same. Hence considering this popularity, gaining advantage for effective business marketing is quite feasible. Facebook is not simply a platform for communicating with friends or family, but now is being used effectively for the online business marketing. Though the Facebook ads appearing over it seem to be small and of standard format, yet you can benefit from the same in many ways. So how about checking the ways in which Facebook ads could be effectively used for your business marketing and promotion in the following paragraphs.


Define a clear objective

You should always start by keeping the end in your mind. Unlike the other marketing method you choose, you are supposed to set up your goals and objective in the front. Plus check out the ways of defining and measure your success along with clearly coming out with the niche you are targeting. Once you define these factors properly then you could easily decide the right option for the ads available for you on Facebook. You generally have the two options for availing the Facebook ads. You either pay for the number of clicks or via the impressions. If you are simply interested in looking out for your brand awareness campaign via the Facebook ads, you could choose the impressions as it makes more sense. If you are keen to pull more amounts of people over your site or any particular landing page of any product or service then choosing the option of click is a right option to choose.

Links ads with your Facebook fan page

A proper plan while choosing the Facebook ads for your business marketing is one of the compelling things to consider. Once you decide the basics, the next thing you need to do is to link your Facebook ads to a very powerful Facebook fan page along with changing the standard URL, which Facebook gives to your page for a tailor made URLs. This could be carried out for free the moment you are able to collect more than 25 Likes over your business fan page.

Leverage from powerful visuals

Facebook allows business owners to use relevant picture over the ads you put over this platform. The maximum allowed image for such ads could include a picture of 110 pixels of width and 80 pixels of height. You must carry out the resizing of the pictures rather allowing the Facebook do this for you. If you are keen to have an image, which can off over the screen then it’s difficult to achieve at the 110 pixel size. Make sure you choose for a picture, which happens to be dramatic and not too busy. If you picture happens to be unique, you are bound to get bonus views from your targeted crowd.

Hit your target

One of the biggest advantages you could enjoy with Facebook ads is that you get a chance of going hyper with these ads. You have the option of targeting your audience as per your geography (your chosen city or county), age group, gender, marital status and education. Also, you have the choice of targeting your audience with the help of your keywords. Hence you could choose to go as much specific as you can and target accordingly. This will help in reducing the waste found in ads and could therefore address to the specific people who matters to you a lot. Also, you have the choice of narrowing the fields as much as possible. Take your time to decide upon the things accordingly.

Keep your ads short and sweet

You must be aware of the old thumb rule, which says less is more. Hence while dealing with these ads, you need to be conscious as you have limited characters allowed in the Facebook ads. You are only allowed to add 135 characters over the body copy of these ads, hence every word you put counts. So choose them appropriately and with great that can help you in coming up with the right statement. You shouldn’t be wasting your time on giving your contact information or details, which are not very much important to get the attention of people.

Test your ads

One of the key elements of Facebook ads is that they render a couple of analytics, which come without any charge. Hence you have the option of tracking and testing different ads time and again till you see reaching at the peak of its effectiveness. Using different ads you can run different marketing campaigns and compare the performance of each other to stick with the right one for your business marketing strategy.

Final word

The Facebook ads could be called as a potent tool, in your social media marketing strategy. Hence you could make out the most of it using the tips given below. Once you start using the Facebook ads, you could understand its benefits.

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