Many of us think that Facebook is just a social networking site and it doesn’t matter if we just don’t care about our Facebook Privacy Settings on it. I request you to think twice before even thinking that way. The main reason why I am saying this is because I got an email from one of my reader and he told me about the incident which happened to his girlfriend and to be frank I was shocked to hear that. It’s not just what they were faced this type of incident can happen to anyone. I am going to tell you what really happened but I am not going to mention anyone’s name due to Privacy reasons.

Facebook Privacy Settings

What Taking Facebook Privacy Lightly Did to Her : Full Details

I must thank that guy who shared his story with me and recommended me to tell everyone so that they can be aware of  the circumstances of talking Facebook Privacy lightly.

Note* : I am changing the names due to Privacy concerns. 

John and Lisa are in a relationship from last 3 years. This story happened when Facebook Introduced Facebook Timeline and made Facebook Timeline covers public. Many of the facebook users ignored privacy settings and added their pictures on Facebook Timeline covers. Same thing Lisa did.

After few months she hears from her Facebook friend that they have seen her photoshopped photo on a Porn site. Lisa was shocked to hear that and instantly she told this to her boyfriend. Both were shocked about this because they never knew the reason How her photo’s got leaked and are on a Porn site.

Then they searched and they found that her photo was also used on other Porn sites. Lisa felt like killing herself as she did not have any clue about what’s going on. Then John complained about this matter to the Porn site owners and the action was taken immediately and the images were removed. They also filed a complaint against the advertising company who were using her photoshopped images. The matter got solved but it took more than 2 months and caused an immense tension to them.

This incident can happen to anyone who is using Facebook and is Taking Facebook Privacy Settings Lightly. Facebook Privacy is not just about Timeline Cover but its about many other things which we ignore.

In the next article  I am going to explain How to make Best Facebook Privacy settings so that you don’t face any issue which she faced.

Request* : It is a deep request to all my readers to pass this message to as many as Possible so that they do not take Facebook Privacy Lightly and spend a few minutes make changes to it so that they can never face any kind of Problem in the future. Click on the Recommend button below to make your Facebook Friend’s aware about the incident.