Facebook Hashtags helps users to tag the similar content by adding “#” in front of a word. This is similar concept and Facebook has copied it from Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are totally different platforms of Social Networking but introducing this to Facebook has also raised some Privacy issues in the users. The main reason why hashtags are popular in twitter is that the mindset of the people using twitter is different. People use twitter to share real time events in life or what will be going to happen very soon. But if you will study Facebook users usage, the pattern and the usage is totally different. People not only share real time events but also much more on Facebook.

Facebook Hashtags Related Privacy Issues

Benefits of Facebook Hashtags :

1. Facebook Hashtags is a good way of combining all the similar content. This can help the users to know what is going around the world for the same things. The viewpoint of the people can be easily known using this.

2. Facebook Hashtags will be a boon for the marketers as they will be able to target the audience using them. This will also help them to increase sales, and this way Facebook investors can also make more money.

3. Facebook refines the results in a way such that those results will be shown on the top which have got more of people engaging. So in this manner this will push the good quality content up and low quality content down.


Facebook Hashtags Privacy Issues

1. Still many of the users are in a habit of sharing things publicly using the Hashtags as they did not know about the updates. So many unknown users can easily know the secrets of people. So make sure to change your Privacy settings and make them only to friends so that you can share it only with your friends only.

2. Your update can go against you. Many countries in the world are against the use of Facebook. So if you are found making fun of any high authority people or government of that Place, it can be easily caught using Hashtags and severe action can be taken against you.

So we are looking forward to know what are your views regarding Facebook Hashtags and do you like to use them or not or are you also concerned with upcoming Facebook Updates.