Facebook has been rolling out many changes from the past few months. Most of these changes were not welcomed by users. While many others are tired of so many changes that Facebook is bringing every other day. Facebook has been trying to make itself more user friendly by adding features to its chat . Recently Facebook added ” Stickers ” to its chat. What is a sticker ? Is it same as a emoticons ? Stickers are different than emoticons. They’re detailed illustrations of characters with personality. Sending stickers is a way to share how you’re feeling with your friends. When you tap a sticker, it automatically sends it to the friend you’re chatting with.

How To Use Stickers In Facebook Chat ?

Facebook users who chat via their iOS app have been able to send giant-sized stickers for a while now, thanks to the social network’s initiative to spice up their mobile experience. Now this giant sized stickers are available on the web version of Facebook too.


facebook_stickers- fbupdates

All the stickers are free right now , chances are that Facebook will introduce paid ones later. It seems Facebook is getting better and better at providing their users a mean to express themselves better. Facebook also added photo option to comment section , earlier it introduced mood options.

So lets see what comes up next from Facebook. Whatever it would be , it would be soon enough.