Happy Diwali To Everyone

Deepavli or Diwali, popularly referred as   ” Festival of Lights ” , is one of the biggest festivals in India. For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year celebrated between mid October and mid November and  and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. Diwali(…)

Best Security Alerts For Facebook

With the Timeline being introduced, there has been a serious talk about security concerns on Facebook. Users have started taking their security concerns as threat to their privacy. Well most of the people are too worried thinking about the security concerns that they hardly dive deep enough to know what Facebook has to offer to(…)

Real Fun With Facebook

Have you ever thought why Facebook is spreading everywhere? The answer to this question is that Facebook is like a drug if once taken will end you up in an addiction which cannot be removed easily. “Like” Fun with Facebook The biggest reason why Facebook is so popular is  that Facebook is  so easy to operate(…)

All About Facebook [ INFOGRAPHICS ]

Facebook is just not a social networking site any more, its much more than that. Its a part of your routine, its a complete package of what we think, where we are, what we do, whom do we talk to, whom do we hang out with. In short its everything you want to know about(…)

Fascinating Facebook Facts To Share

Facebook has now dominated globally. Facebook which was near to zero at the starting of  the year 2004 and now has been estimated around 80 – 110 billion U.S dollars. If you will look deep inside Facebook you will notice that when Facebook enters a country it spreads like a virus and then it makes(…)

Facebook Pages Show Who All Are ” Talking About This “

One of the most important feature of Facebook has been that it allows you to administer a page of your own choice, with any suitable name, and post any suitable content. That seems very cool. You can get your thoughts shared on the walls of many many friends of yours and get them liked and(…)

India : 34 Million Facebook Users And Numbers On A Rise

Facebook has 34 million users within India and country ranks first on charts when it comes to number of people who are becoming a part of Facebook every year. Youth here seems to be addicted to social networking craze, especially Facebook. From uploading pics,posting status,playing games,commenting,tagging friends,creating groups,pages, and promoting their websites and blogs, Facebook(…)

Fascinating Facts About Facebook

What can we say about such a Giant. Facebook is growing  at the rate of 10 millions a month and its currently at number two on web traffic rankings according to Alexa.com. Last year Facebook surpassed Google for the top ranking for total time spent online. People are spending more time on social networking sites then on(…)

How to Convert Facebook Profiles Into Business Pages

This is an answer to all the questions which have been asked from the people regularly that whether we can shift our Facebook Profile to  a Page. Yes we can now convert our Facebook profiles to Pages. Due to this those people who have as many as 5000 friends (the maximum limit according to Facebook) that(…)

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